VaporBlock 6 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil

VaporBock is a high performance underslab vapor retarder. VaporBlock cost-effectively controls moisture within a building’s interior by preventing water vapor from permeating concrete. Made from state-of-the art polyethylene resins, VaporBlock greatly reduces condensation and the potential for mold formation in a building’s interior, helping to protect flooring and furnishings form moisture migration. VaporBlock installation helps ensure quality construction and energy savings in building projects.


  • Concrete slabs
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Foundation Walls
  • Ground Cover


Certified Properties ASTM 6 Mil 10 Mil 15 Mil
Nominal Thickness D-5994 6 mil 10 mil 15 mil
Weight per MSF D-751 29 lb 49 lb 73 lb
Classification E-1745 Class C Class A Class A
Tensile Strength, new material E-154 32 lb/in. 52 lb/in. 60 lb/in.
Tensile Strength, after soaking E-154 25 lb/in. 53 lb/in. 61 lb/in.
Puncture Resistance D-170 >1500 g >2600 g >3000 g
Maximum Use Temperature   180°F 180°F 180°F
Minimum Use Temperature   -70°F -70°F -70°F
Water Vapor Permeance (perms) E-154 0.090 0.0146 0.01