Woven Coated Polyethylene 40 mil and 45 mil

Woven Coated Polyethylene liners are manufactured by interlaminating a layer of woven polyester scrim between two or more sheets of polyethylene film. This process results in a high strength, light weight, UV stable product suitable for many containment needs. It is a cost effective, durable membrane used effectively in many cover applications.


Athletic Field Covers & Tarps
Grain and Silage Pile Covers
Decorative Ponds
ADC Covers
Temporary Rain Covers
Mud Pit Liners
Soil Remediation


Certified Properties ASTM 40 Mil 45 Mil
Thickness (mils) D-751 40 45
Grab Tensile Strength (lb) D-7004 MD 680

TD 680

MD 655

TD 880

Strip Tensile (lb/in.) D-7003 MD 460

TD 460

MD 435

TD 565

Tongue Tear (lb) D-5884 MD 140

TD 135

MD 105

TD 110

Mullen Burst (lb/in.2) D-751 1300 psi 1300 psi
MVTR (g/m2-day) E-96 0.31 0.25
Hydraulic Conductivity (Permeability) Calculated from MVTR 2.65 x10-12 cm/s 2.29×10-12 cm/s
Hydrostatic Resistance D-751 685 psi 880 psi
Puncture Resistance D-4833 350 lb 365 lb
CBR Static Puncture D-6241 2356 lb 2265 lb
Carbon Black Content D-4218 3.1% 3%
Dimensional Stability D-1204 MD -3.8 %

TD -1.8%

MD -3.1%

TD -1.5%

Low Temperature Flex @ -40°F D-2136 Pass @


Pass @


HP – OIT (minutes) D-5885 3048 3048
Accelerated UV Weathering D-7238 >90% strength retention after 10,000 light hours