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In a world where the population and waste generation continue to increase, it is crucial to provide sound waste handling facilities to ensure our environment and water quality remain intact. This is not only a moral obligation, but also increasingly mandated and regulated throughout the country and the world. ICS has the experience to ensure your waste handling project meets regulations and is water-tight to protect our natural resources.


Today’s landfill liners consist of various layers that form a composite geosynthetic system, and all have distinct roles from stopping permeation into the soil and groundwater, to leachate collection and containment. Temporary landfill covers and caps also play a vital role in diverting stormwater and snowmelt during and after refuse addition to each cell, reducing the cost of treating leachate and risk of contaminating groundwater. Contact ICS to seal the deal on your landfill lining project.


Containment and treatment of wastewater is as wide-ranging and regulated as its sources. Its most potent forms can be found in mining heap leach ponds, fracking brine, and wastewater treatment plant pits. Stormwater has become another form of wastewater, and is actively collected and treated in bioswales, rain gardens, underground detention systems, and other low-impact development structures such as green roofs. The experienced team at ICS is ready to help contain your wastewater project.

ash disposal

Bottom and fly ash produced by coal combustion in power plants is a highly regulated substance with specified containment guidelines in accordance with RCRA Subtitle D. Temporary covers assist with rainshed to help protect our waterways and
decrease the amount of leachate and contact
water generated before final cell closure, or
during the dewatering process.
ICS is here to help reduce the costs, time and energy related to leachate in your ash ponds.

Geomembrane Liner Materials & Installation Services

ICS pledges to provide the best possible customer service throughout the duration of your waste handling liner project. We source liner materials from the top producers in the industry and provide installation services managed by the some of the most experienced leaders in the geomembrane liner trade. From sales to delivery to installation, ICS will be here with the expertise and support you deserve to make your geomembrane liner project run smoothly.


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