Geomembrane Liners for

Coal Storage

Settling Ponds


Infrastructure Reinforcement

Coal storage is important because coal provides nearly a quarter of our Nation’s energy demand. As important as coal is to providing electricity for millions, the mining practices used to obtain it and protecting the environment from potential pollutants is also important. ICS has geosynthetic lining systems to assist coal mining operations with infrastructure, processing, and byproduct impediments, supporting current and future generations.

Coal Tailing &
Settling Ponds

Settling ponds are the first step to treating
wastewater that contains fine particles from mining operations. The addition of a geosynthetic lining
system to these ponds ensures the capture
of any contaminants, protecting the surrounding environment. Settling pond liners from ICS can help decrease cleanup costs while protecting the environment; a true win-win!


Mounds of solid waste produced from mining
can also have a negative environmental impact. Precipitation filtering through slag heaps can carry with it the contaminants held within the mound, transporting it to nearby waterways. A geosynthetic cap installed by ICS will shed precipitation, keeping contaminants intact and out of the surrounding environment.


Mine access roads are in constant use by heavy machinery. Add some precipitation, and you can end up with a rutted and degraded mess. Commonly used earthen structures such as berms and retaining structures are also susceptible to erosion. From directing stormwater, to road stabilization, the experienced team at ICS can assist in keeping your infrastructure grounded.

Geomembrane Liner Materials & Installation Services

ICS pledges to provide the best possible customer service throughout the duration of your coal mining liner project. We source liner materials from the top producers in the industry and provide installation services managed by the some of the most experienced leaders in the geomembrane liner trade. From sales to delivery to installation, ICS will be here with the expertise and support you deserve to make your geomembrane liner project run smoothly.


Brad Dearment - Geo Liner Cover Systems Consultant

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