Applications for Geomembrane Liners & Geotextile Products

So many industries rely on geomembranes and geotextiles to serve a wide variety of needs. At International Cover Systems, we’re committed to providing the best and most efficient solutions for any project – all the way from choosing the right materials to planning, design and installation.

Here are just some of the different kinds of projects our experts are here to assist you with. 


From animals to plants, fresh or saltwater, inground ponds or fabricated tanks; find the perfect geosynthetics system for your aquaculture project.
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Fish Hatcheries

Whether supplying broodstock or nurturing fry, in salt or freshwater, indoors or exposed to the elements - the best in geomembrane liners for fish hatcheries everywhere.
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Hydroponics is leading the future of cost-effective crop production, changing the way many of our fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown.
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From delivering water to your produce or stock to containing waste and the smells that come with it; we offer liners for the top, bottom, and in between of your agriculture needs.
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Roads, buildings, contaminated sediments, stormwater retention and more - we'll design, deliver, and implement the geosynthetic lining needs for your construction project.
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PFAS Remediation

Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) have a wide range of applications - from coatings on kitchenware and clothing to aqueous fire-fighting foam at airports.
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Energy Projects

We deliver quality, leak-proof liners that increase energy-generating efficiencies and capacities, while also protecting the environment by containing potential contaminants.
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Waste Management

We strive to help protect our environment, water quality and other natural resources with liners that meet or exceed regulations for waste management projects.
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Coal Storage

We create geosynthetic lining systems to assist coal mining operations with infrastructure, processing, and byproduct impediments, to the benefit of current and future generations.
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Brad Dearment - Geo Liner Cover Systems Consultant

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