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Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) have quickly become a top human and environmental health concern nationwide.  PFAS have been used in various products since the 1940s. Their mass applications have ranged from coatings on kitchenware and clothing, to aqueous fire-fighting foam at airports. These wide ranging consumer product applications, coupled with their water-soluble and non-biodegradable nature, have made PFAS a major contaminant to drinking water supplies. As the PFAS remediation industry continues to explore options, you can count on ICS to stay up to date on the best management practices, products, and designs to assist in the cleanup and containment of PFAS from our environment.

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With PFAS contaminated sites being closed around the country, proper disposal of contaminated sediments and carbon filters has become critical to stop further pollution. The first step is to ensure that landfills accepting PFAS have a geosynthetic composite lining system with quality materials, installed by experienced personnel so contaminants cannot escape.The team at ICS is ready to help ensure PFAS stays locked away.


Throughout the remediation process, it is important to keep the PFAS plume from spreading and increasing the targeted area. Capping the vicinity with geomembrane liner to shed rain and prevent it from infiltrating and carrying contaminants further can help accelerate the remediation timeframe and lessen the contaminated area and cost.
Our experienced crew is here to help contain your remediation project.

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As PFAS contamination is relatively new to the human and environmental health scene, so is it to geosynthetics technologies and remediation experts. It is imperative to determine how PFAS will interact with geomembranes and geosynthetic composite barriers that are meant to contain them in landfills. ICS is staying on top of studies currently underway verifying the impacts of PFAS on these systems, and we are committed to keeping you informed.

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ICS pledges to provide the best possible customer service throughout the duration of your PFAS containment and remediation project. We source liner materials from the top producers in the industry and provide installation services managed by the some of the most experienced leaders in the geomembrane liner trade. From sales to delivery to installation, ICS will be here with the expertise and support you deserve to make your geomembrane liner project run smoothly.



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