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Secondary Containment

Geomembrane Liner for Agriculture: As the population of the United States continues to rise, it is becoming more important to increase our agricultural productivity and efficiencies while complying with state and national regulations. From delivering water to your produce or stock to containing waste and the smells that come with it; ICS has agriculture liners for the top, bottom, and in between of your agriculture lining needs.


Geomembrane liner for agriculture

From irrigation ponds for storage to canals
and ditches for transport, your farm’s water system could be more efficient with a geosynthetic lining to direct water and prevent it from infiltrating into the ground before its intended destination. At the other end of the process, manure lagoons are sometimes regulated and required to be lined, along with brine pits and other types of ponds. ICS’s experienced team can build a liner to get the job done.


Geomembrane liner for agriculture

Protecting your harvested produce with custom tarps, stockpile or silage covers is just one aspect of our agriculture covering repertoire. Covering your manure lagoons will help keep the stink down and collect methane for energy usage while floating covers can help keep anything unwanted out of your pits. Geomembranes can also assist in water retention by keeping exposed soil to a minimum in your cropland or minimizing evaporation in irrigation ponds. For these applications and more, ICS has you covered.

secondary containment

Geomembrane liner for agriculture

Regulations on what secondary
containment is required and how it is executed
can vary by state and industry. Choosing the
best type of geosynthetic lining system
is crucial to meeting guidelines and protecting personnel, produce and the environment.
The team at ICS can help you navigate and meet the conditions for your agricultural trade and ensure excess fertilizers, oil and gas, and nutrients are contained and exceed regulations.

Geomembrane Liner Materials & Installation Services

ICS pledges to provide the best possible customer service throughout the duration of your agriculture lining project. We source liner materials from the top producers in the industry and provide installation services managed by the some of the most experienced leaders in the geomembrane liner trade. From sales to delivery to installation, ICS will be here with the expertise and support you deserve to make your geomembrane liner project run smoothly.


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