BENEFITS: Absolute Barrier® is a seven layer geomembrane consisting of very flexible, linear-low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) with an inner core of chemically resistant EVOH barrier. In addition to excellent geofoam protection, this liner is designed to stop gas vapor migration on Brownfield sites, in residential and commercial buildings, as well as geomembrane containment and covering systems.


EPS Geofoam Protection
Landfill Caps
Temporary Landfill Gas Cover
Underslab VOC, Radon & Methane Barrier

Leachate Collection Ponds
Remediation Cover/Liner
Odor Control Barrier
Secondary Containment

The experts at International Cover Systems welcome the opportunity to be involved with your project from the very beginning.  We can assist with design, product selection, installation and completion of your geomembrane system.

Part of ICS’s process is evaluating each job or situation that a customer brings to the table and ensuring the right product is being used or specified. We have found countless situations where the right product was put in place of another and drastically helped the customer.

Request a quote below to inquire about our Absolute Barrier product, and let us put our decades of expertise to work for you.