BENEFITS: The Dura-Skrim Series Polyethylene geomembrane liners are made from the highest quality resins and materials for a wide variety of applications.  The Dura-Skrim Series polyethylene geomembrane liners are manufactured with the highest quality resins and materials available. The Mono and multi-layered base liners in this series are coupled with elements such as scrim reinforcement, texture and color, as well as UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers. These features are used in a variety of combinations and material thicknesses to make Dura-Skrim one of the most versatile product lines on the market with a diversity of applications.

Waste Lagoon Liners
Landfill Caps
Modular Tank Liners
Water Containent Ponds

Remediation Liners
Erosion Control Covers
Interim Landfill Covers
Water Containment Ponds

The experts at International Cover Systems welcome the opportunity to be involved with your project from the very beginning.  We can assist with design, product selection, installation and completion of your Geomembrane system.

Part of ICS’s process is evaluating each job or situation that a customer brings to the table and ensuring the right product is being used or specified. We have found countless situations where the right product was put in place of another and drastically helped the customer.

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