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At ICS – International Cover Systems, we can fulfill both the geomembrane liner material and installation needs for your next aquaculture, hydroponic, PFAS remediation, or other project. We source liner materials from the top producers in the industry. Additionally, we provide installation services managed by the some of the most experienced leaders in the geomembrane liner industry. 

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With aquaculture supplying over 50 percent of the world’s seafood produced for human consumption, ICS recognizes the important role this system plays in providing a sustainable source of protein; increasing food security around the globe. From animals to plants, fresh or saltwater, inground ponds or fabricated tanks; the team at ICS is here to help design and install the perfect geosynthetics system for your aquaculture project.



With PFAS contaminated sites being closed around the country, proper disposal of contaminated sediments and carbon filters has become critical to stop further pollution. The first step is to ensure that landfills accepting PFAS have a geosynthetic composite lining system with quality materials, installed by experienced personnel so contaminants cannot escape.
The team at ICS is ready to help ensure PFAS stays locked away.

Food Production

Hydroponics is leading the future of cost-effective crop production, changing the way many of our fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown. ICS knows how crucial it is for hydroponics operations to be water-tight to provide consistent delivery of nutrients and water to crops for optimal yields. From generating acres of lettuce to growing strawberries for your shortcake at home, ICS is here to help make your hydroponics setup a success!

ICS pledges to provide the best possible customer service throughout the duration of your project. From sales to delivery to Installation, ICS will be here with the support you deserve to make your project as smooth as possible.
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When you provide drawings for your project, ICS will be able to perform quantity calculations and panel layouts for custom fabrication ultimately reducing the amount of waste on the project. We can assist with design, product selection, installation and completion of your Geomembrane system.
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Geomembrane Liner Materials & Installation Services

ICS pledges to provide the best possible customer service throughout the duration of your aquaculture, hydroponic, PFAS, or other geo liner production project.

From sales to delivery to installation, ICS will be here with the expertise and support you deserve to make your geomembrane liner project run smoothly.