Geomembrane accessories can help your project run smoothly, and International Cover Systems can help with every detail of the job. Even if the details aren’t listed on your project specifications, we can tell you exactly what you’ll need to avoid delays and added costs.

Please request a geomembrane accessories quote below for pricing.

Geomembrane Accessories:

Battening Aluminum 1/4"x2"
Battening Stainless 1/4"x2"
Butyl Tape 2"x50'
Neoprene 1/4"x2"x50'
Triple Twist PP Rope 1/2"
Seam Tape 4"x100'
Custom Fabrication with Sewing and Grommets

Pipe Boots
Ballast Tubes
Geomembrane Vents
Sandbags 8 Mil
Sandbags 12 Mil
Sandbags 20 Mil