BENEFITS: VaporBlock is a high performance under slab vapor retarder. VaporBlock cost-effectively controls moisture within a building’s interior by preventing water vapor from permeating concrete. Made from state-of-the art polyethylene resins, VaporBlock greatly reduces condensation and the potential for mold formation in a building’s interior, helping to protect flooring and furnishings form moisture migration. VaporBlock installation helps ensure quality construction and energy savings in building projects.


Concrete slabs
Foundation Walls

Crawl Spaces
Ground Cover

The experts at International Cover Systems welcome the opportunity to be involved with your project from the very beginning.  We can assist with design, product selection, installation and completion of your Geomembrane system.

Part of ICS’s process is evaluating each job or situation that a customer brings to the table and ensuring the right product is being used or specified. We have found countless situations where the right product was put in place of another and drastically helped the customer.

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